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 As your new Congressman for District 8, I will focus on issues that are not only important to me, but also to you. Today's politicians have forgotten that the American people are the ones that they should answer to, not to lobbyists or action committees.

One-Page Bill Submissions

Today's bills are full of legal jargon, thousands of unnecessary words, and full of pork projects to satisfy lobbyists. I will work toward one-page bills, with common-sense language, so that the average American will be able to easily determine whether they support the bill or not. No more "passing the bill to see what's in it" can be read and voted upon quickly! (Read More)

Overturn Roe V. Wade

Since the passage of Roe v. Wade, millions of unborn children have been lost to abortion. I will work tirelessly to overturn this bill to give the unborn a chance to survive. (Read More)

Term Limits

The President of the United States can only serve two terms...why not expand that to all members of the House and Senate? There are too many career politicians in Washington, DC, and the Founding Fathers never meant for that to happen. (Read More)

Energy Independence

The United States has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources. We should not be depending on countries that wish us harm to supply our oil!  (Read More)

Return Rights to States

The Federal government should not be in the business of teaching our children, controlling gun ownership, or controlling interstate commerce. Under my watch, I will commit to returning states rights to the states and limiting federal oversight on what the Founding Fathers clearly allocated to the states. (Read More)

Committee to Elect Danny Bridger
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